WEA Corp. 

Matt Signore, President, Artist & Label Services, Warner Music Group

WEA Corp. was the first major music distribution company in the U.S. and has continued to set the standard for sales and marketing in the music industry for more than 40 years. The award-winning WEA Corp. distributes audio and video content for all Warner Music Group labels, including Atlantic Records, Warner Bros. Records and Rhino Entertainment, as well as for third-party film, broadcast and video game companies. WEA provides distribution services across an array of physical and digital platforms, including online and wireless networks.

In addition to music distribution, WEA also distributes non-music content such as documentaries, theatrical films, comedy, sports, children's, lifestyle, merchandise, Japanese animation and nationally branded television programs.

Since 2004, WEA has transformed itself from WMG's traditional manufacturing and distribution division into a company that also manages key relationships with digital services such as Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify, as well as providing digital content to mobile operators, ISPs and other service providers.

WEA is also an industry leader in its commitment to creating a "greener" music business through its WMGreen campaign. Since launching its environmental initiatives in 2004, WEA Corp. has been recognized by the Natural Resources Defense Council, REVERB and other advocacy organizations for its conservation efforts, including ecologically enhanced paper packaging initiatives that have reduced wood consumption by 9,500 tons of wood and eliminated the use of virgin fibers from endangered forests. WMG re-branded its environmental efforts "WMGreen" in 2008.